Our Team

Warwick Rothschild

Warwick is an experienced and professional podiatrist with experience in all areas of podiatry. Warwick's Podiatric specialties are Ingrown toenail treatment, Wart removal, Plantar fasciitis treatment, Kinetic Pulsewave therapy and Orthotic managment. Warwick enjoys helping people resolve their foot pain. Currently Warwick is introducing to patients Kinetic Pulsewave Therapy as an effective treatment for muscle and joint issues, especially plantar fasciitis. Outside of Podiatry Warwick enjoys making childrens toys through wood work, cooking, kayaking, and volunteering for Aliya youth Space to assist youth at risk in overcoming lifes challenges.

Alexandra Turnbull

Alexandra is an enthusiastic and dedicated podiatrist with experience in all areas of podiatry. Alexandra is particularly interested in paediatric biomechanics and helping people resolve their foot pain. Alexandra studied at the University of Newcastle and was awarded the School of Health Science - Award for Clinical Excellence after her final year. Currently, Alexandra is completing a research thesis on the use of smart technologies and their potential to improve symptom management in children. Outside of podiatry, Alexandra volunteers for Starlight Children's Foundation and as a research assistant for clinical trials to improve drug and alcohol rehabilitation.